Discovery® – Shipping Agency Management System



Discovery® – Shipping Agency Management System is totally integrated starting from the Quotation, the Booking, supplying all the required documentation, container control, invoicing all the agreed items and finally the Disbursement Account.

Besides that, detailed analytics, graphs and numerous management reports are available to be able to keep track of the operation, which should lead to increased staff productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Advanced Automation for Agencies
  • Streamlined Operations for Smoother Shipments
  • Detailed Documentation Configurable to Meet Your Needs
  • Improved Integration for Clearer Communication
  • Easy Bookings and Bills of Lading
  • Clever Container Management and Detention
  • Accurate Principal Accounting
  • EDI for data exchange with partners or 3rd party software
  • Handles all types of cargo including containerized, bulk, breakbulk, and project
  • Single entry of data and validation using business rules
  • Increase your performance with efficient workflows
  • Analyze and manage financial exposure
  • Scalable and flexible architecture
  • Multi-Language / Currency capabilities
  • Full operational accounting functionality
  • Cutting edge software framework and technologies
  • Cloud enabled
  • SaaS or On-premise Deployment
  • Simple, yet flexible configuration including validations
Dockworker standing in front of a container terminal in port while checking his digital tablet computer. The man is wearing protective workwear and looking at the tablet.


The system has been designed specifically for shipping agencies. The software meets all possible requirements of customs and port authorities in terms of planning and allocation, bills of lading and container statements. Our software enables you to eliminate costly and error-prone double/multiple entries during this process.

The system allows you to record and maintain the information you need to estimate costs based on vessel characteristics and port charges, and provide quotations, record and process transactions, generate communications and provide accounting to vessel owners.

  • Export, Import & Transshipment Handling
  • Voyage management
  • Vessel-level updating
  • Automated costing and invoicing
  • Liner Agency management
  • Customs declaration
  • Cargo Manifest Module
  • Dangerous Cargo Module
  • Container Control Module
  • EDI
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Detailed Analytics & Graphs
  • Comprehensive GL & Finance System Integrated
  • Equipment Control with Defined Logical Moves
  • Auto calculation of brokerage and payable and receivable
  • Multilingual