Taksim DMS® – Sales & Distribution Management System


Taksim DMS®, is a specialized and robust Sales & Distribution Management System for the management of a company’s primary & secondary sales. It helps to streamline the full distribution chain from trading head office through distributors to retailers, to maximize control over operations and inventory for better services.


  • On-time sales & stock visibility across the distributors or outlets/franchises
  • Easy to move stocks between distributors or outlets
  • Order booking with the Android-based App
  • Real time tracking of sale reps using maps
  • Gauge productivity of order bookers by estimating the time spent in a particular route or outlet
  • Collects real-time secondary sales data from the field
  • Analytics with powerful BI & Dashboard reporting tool
  • Distributor Hierarchies like Region, Zone, Territories and Distributor setups
  • Product Classifications like Brand, Principal, Group, Category and Product setups
  • Sales Staff Hierarchies Like Regional Sales Manager, Town Sales Manager etc.
  • Stock In against primary sales
  • Support monthly route planning and readjusting specific days to adapt daily sales tactics
  • Manage inventory across multiple warehouses / stocks, distributors, retailers, and vans and track item history
  • Handle multiple pricing and discount levels; manage promotion campaign budgets and gift options/rules.
  • Invoice generation, Invoice Returns and Sales Returns
  • Receipts (by Cash, Cheques, Credit etc.)
  • Secondary Stock reports (Distributor wise/Product wise/Rate wise/SKU wise)
  • Daily Secondary Sales & Sales Return Reports (Product/Brand/Principal wise)
  • Territory Wise & Distributor wise Secondary Sales
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Secondary Sales Summary
  • Product/Brand wise Yearly Comparisons


  • Provide market intelligence and information about customer needs for better optimization of working capital.
  • Enable quick visibility of trade marketing effectiveness.
  • Shorten order to delivery lead-time, enabling better control of oversupply or out of stock inventory.
  • Provide full visibility of market penetration and customer visiting of sales force from the field.
  • Promote efficient management.
  • Enable effective communication with distributors, retailers and the sales force.
  • Better monitor and improve product, distributor, and sales force performances.
  • Reduce paperwork, sales administration effort and data entry mistakes.
  • Promotional schemes can be monitored efficiently
  • Timely, automated & accurate secondary sales reporting which leads to precise planning and production
  • Extensive use of the geo-tracking features. Customer locations, routes and agent journey plans can all be mapped and monitored.