Cold Storage & Warehouse Management Solution


Running a cold storage is not an easy task and requires a proper management that works right from the lower till the upper level. To make the tasks easy you can have an application that is specifically designed keeping in mind the warehouse management system that works in the favor of it. The right warehouse management can make all the tasks a breeze as you work through making the whole task look like a small effort.

Relying on paper trails and manual data entry may cost you a lot of time. NKU’s Cold Storage Solution reduces all such burden and gives you a complete control over managing your warehouse. The information is then automatically entered and all the relevant areas are covered. Should a discrepancy appear in a customer’s order or invoice the application hands out the area of fault and you can work on it immediately.

This domain requires extreme flexibility with every incoming load potentially different and every customer having its own preferences. NKU has worked to provide Innovative Cold Storage Enterprises with tools to drive operational efficiency while meeting the unique and varying needs of their customers.